Welcome to Soulful Joy Work

We’re spending nine weeks together reading my book with an exclusive workbook full of fabulous prompts to embrace fierce love!

Each week, you’ll receive a personal email from me with our workbook prompt and a link to an even more in-depth offering right here! Because we are a fierce posse, you’ll have an opportunity to share with each other on my Instagram and Facebook every Wednesday with a midweek check-in prompt. On Fridays, I’ll share your stories and reflections on how we’re growing together on my socials.

Here are action steps you can take to join us:

  • Get a copy of Fierce Love at your local bookstore or here.
  • Find a journal that really speaks to you.
  • Invite a friend to journey with you.
  • Write goals for yourself.
  • DIVE IN!

Welcome to Fierce Love.


– Jacqui



Week 1 – Our Stories Liberate

We do not have time to waste. Our world is shattered and we are hurting. This journey we’re sojourning will transform our lives. The only thing I ask of us is to stay honest and open to Fierce Love. This work won’t be easy and, at times, it may be uncomfortable. Lean in. Stay open. Together we can heal the world, our souls and one another.


Our Journey Starts Here

Week 2 – Tell the Truth

“Be truthful,” was my mother’s most important commandment. She would say if you lied once, you’d have to keep lying and you might forget what the truth sounds like. 

Do we know what the truth sounds like for such a time as this? 

Let’s find out, together!


Tell the Truth

Embrace Fierce Love

We are living in what I call “hot mess times”: a world divided by politics, race, intolerance, fear, and rancor. But my experiences—of of being a woman in a traditionally male domain, of being in an interracial marriage, of making peace with childhood abuse—demonstrates that our human capacity for empathy, compassion, and forgiveness is the key to reversing these ugly trends.

When I wrote Fierce Love, I had YOU in mind. It’s a collection of stories that illustrate how fierce love has shaped my own life: how it transforms relationships, helps us know and celebrate ourselves, and how it can revolutionize our public life together.

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