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Fierce Love Out Now

A manifesto for all generations, a universalist’s vision for mending our broken hearts and fractured world.

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There’s a seat at the table for you as we midwife a more just world.


Conversations with artists, activists, and faith leaders.

SLATE: Our Unique American Grief Is an Opportunity

Week 3 – Downsizing Our Burdens

It’s hard work being human, especially in these hot mess times. This week is all about asking ourselves where we may feel weighed down in our mind, body and spirit. And working to release those burdens.

Let’s downsize our burdens with Fierce Love.

Welcome to Week 3 of our nine week journey reading my book with an exclusive workbook full of fabulous prompts to embrace fierce love!

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Fierce love Can Change The World

I poured my soul into this book. It’s a collection of stories that illustrate how fierce love has shaped my own life: how it transforms relationships, helps us know and celebrate ourselves, and how it can revolutionize our public life together.

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Fierce Love

A Prophetic Voice in a Pivotal Moment

I’ve never met a pulpit I didn’t feel called to speak from. Wherever I’m offered a chance, I’m going to bring fierce love to strengthen spirits and ignite justice. Whether I’m speaking to 30 people or 3,000, I see every event as an opportunity to foster conversation and deepen the bonds that connect us. But that work isn’t possible without you! So see the opportunities below to join me, and I can’t wait to see you live.

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“The fires of human living have taught me that we are greater in love than we are in hate. This moment we’re in requires big radical fierce love and bold intersectional work. These issues we are facing in this moment are just as much mine as they are yours. As Audre Lorde said, ‘no one is free until we are all free.’ Let’s get free together. It starts with you. It starts with me. It starts with us!”


Explore my new book Fierce Love, my children’s book You Are So Wonderful, and other publications.

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Deepen your antiracist journey with hands-on training that will give you practical ways to uproot racism in your life, workplace and family. In addition to pre-recorded material, I’m also available to book private trainings for your church and organization!

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Storytelling is my first love. I believe we become the stories we tell, and invite you to make my conversations part of your own.

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A fun and easy way to bring fierce love into the world, and to help power our work together.

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